Opus Rocker Valves Deliver Maintenance-Free Fluidics in a Compact Package

Posted: December 18, 2017

No one likes getting their blood drawn. Doctors, nurses, and lab technicians are looking for instruments that can do more with less sample material. One of the best ways to decrease the necessary sample size for your instrument is by minimizing dead volume in the instrument’s fluidics system.

Square footage in labs is precious, and many customers are looking for innovative new devices that pack more capabilities in a smaller package. But even more precious than your customers’ space is their time. Failure of fluidics components lead to inaccurate test results and instrument shut-down while customer must wait for maintenance to fix or replace the offending part.

An efficient, reliable, and accurate fluidics system can last the lifetime of the instrument if the correct components are chosen when the instrument is designed. BioChem Fluidics is making maintenance-free, reliable fluidics possible with the introduction of our Opus Rocker Valves.

The Opus Rocker Valve provides maximum liquid flow and minimal internal fluid volume within a compact footprint. Our Opus Rocker Valve has the lowest dead volume on the market for rocker valves with its same flow rate, allowing your customers to save on precious reagents while avoiding contamination of sample material. Thanks to its small size Opus can be mounted in a variety of configurations and is ideal for manifold-mounting, making it the perfect valve for compact or component-dense instruments. Opus has a mean time to failure of 15 million cycles and should easily last the lifetime of any medical diagnostic instrument. For instruments with regular maintenance cycles for other components, Opus is equipped with an LED indicator for valve diagnostics at-a-glance. Opus provides real value to instrument manufacturers looking to produce the most reliable test results with the minimum amount of dead volume.

Opus Rocker Valves are just another way that BioChem Fluidics is Improving the Reliability of Life Science Instruments. For more information, please visit or get in touch at

Maintenance-Free Maestro ULTRA Piston Pump Can Increase Test Accuracy and Instrument Reliability

Posted: October 16, 2017

At BioChem we are Improving the Reliability of Life Science Instruments, and our Maestro ULTRA Piston Pump is just one example of how we embody this mission.

Sodium hydroxide and other salt solutions are often a fundamental part of life science instruments. They can be used as a part of the wash cycle that cleans the machine between samples or as buffer solutions to reduce the risk of sample cross-contamination. Salt solutions help to ensure your machine provides accurate and reliable test results.

However, these vital solutions can be hard on an instrument’s fluidics systems, and they are especially challenging for dispense pumps. Throughout the lifetime of a pump, salt builds up on the pump’s piston. This slowly erodes the seal until a catastrophic leak occurs. Your customer’s testing is now halted until a service technician can come and replace the pump.

The common industry solution to this problem is a flushed seal pump. Flushed seal pumps add a secondary fluid chamber and seal to the pump as a way of keeping salt from drying on the piston. However this design introduces many challenges and risks for instrument manufacturers. A second pump system is required to circulate the wash fluid, and the pump dimensions must increase to make room for the secondary fluid chamber. This system also makes leaks harder to detect – a leak of the main seal would lead to sample contamination by the wash fluid rather than pump failure. Cross-contamination risks increase exponentially when flushed seal pumps are strung together in parallel, endangering the reliability and accuracy of test results.

BioChem created a unique piston pump to solve these problems.

The Maestro ULTRA piston pump eliminates the need for maintenance in instruments and applications using salt solutions. Like our original Maestro Piston Pump, machined critical components allow for tighter tolerance control, resulting in improved accuracy, precision, and pump life. The ULTRA has been engineered to last in salty environments, featuring a new, super-hydrophobic piston material which keeps fluid and salt from adhering to the piston. The accuracy and precision our Maestro line of piston pumps helps to ensure your instrument provides the most accurate test results. With Maestro ULTRA your instrument can withstand your customers’ harshest solutions so they experience less down time due to maintenance and can spend more time saving lives.

ULTRA is truly the pump that conquers salt. Find out more about the Maestro ULTRA by reading our white paper.

New Products on Display at AACC!

Posted: July 25, 2017

BioChem is proud to announce the release of our newest products:

Maestro ULTRA: The Piston Pump that Conquers Salt
Opus Rocker Valves: Optimal Flow from a Compact Package
Peristaltic Pumps: Two Models for Precision and Flow

Come visit us at booth 5300 at AACC in San Diego, California on August 1-3, 2017 and learn more about these fantastic additions to our customer solution portfolio.

Halma Medical Sector Company of the Year!

Posted: April 26, 2017

BioChem has been recognized as the Company of the Year for the Medical Sector of our parent company, Halma for the fiscal year ended in March.  This award is chosen and presented annually by the CEO of Halma, Mr. Andrew Williams.  This is the first time that BioChem has been honored with this prestigious award.

In explaining the reasons why BioChem deserved the award this year, Mr. Williams mentioned the strong financial results of the company, but he also referenced an improved culture that was noticeable in his annual visit to BioChem.

This is a very exciting and momentous milestone in BioChem’s history.

Because Support Matters

Posted: January 26, 2017

The BioChem tagline of “Because Support Matters” is not a slogan.  It is a realization of the reason OEMs are partnering with BioChem at an ever increasing rate to solve real problems which hamper innovation.  It is no longer enough for suppliers to build and sell components.  In today’s economy where the pace of technology is advancing at a blinding speed, supply partners need to offer more.  BioChem is organized and focused to provide a different level of support and OEMs feel the difference.

The structure of BioChem’s commercial teams is intended to get Application Engineers out of the lab and into the field.  The collaboration improves dramatically between passionate people that connect face-to-face.  Relationships of trust are built and the pace of advancement and problem solving quickens as a result of working closely together.

BioChem’s culture places value on its customers.  Knowledge of customers’ instruments and the impact that BioChem’s solutions have on the accomplishments of OEM partners around the world is shared and discussed with every employee.  This visibility and awareness of the global impact of the next valve or pump a person designs or builds creates a sense of ownership and pride in this important work.

BioChem will never stop improving the ways in which it benefits customers.  Not all of those ways will be obvious to customers, but they will feel the difference in working with BioChem.  Customers will continue to trust in BioChem, because support matters.

New Solutions from Collaboration

Posted: January 25, 2017

BioChem is always ready to collaborate with its customers to design solutions to real problems.  In the past few months, the Applications Engineering team has worked on a number of new solutions that have resulted in positive outcomes for customers and created new products that are available to everyone.  Here are a couple of examples of new products that are the result of such projects.

  • Low Dead Volume Pinch Valve – In an effort to replace a nuisance valve employed in an application where fluid carryover must be kept at a minimum, BioChem has designed a 3-Way Pinch Valve that has only 10 microliters of fluid volume   between the plunger and output Y-connector.  This new product not only provides lower dead volume than the competitive valve it is designed to replace, but it allows for field tube replacement rather than the replacement of the entire valve.  Better performance and lower cost.

Low Dead Volume PV

  • 3-Way Rotary Valve – It is common for syringe pumps to have an accompanying rotary valve to divert flow.  These valves are not normally designed with the quality of a stand-alone rotary valve, until now.  Since BioChem’s rotary valve is machined from PTFE, it offers a lot of flexibility in flow path design.  A customer needed a higher quality rotary valve for use with a dispense pump.  BioChem quickly designed and delivered a custom valve with a flow path with the usual NO and NC functions, but went further by adding the ability to bypass the pump or common port.  This unique solution is available to you today.

3-Way ERV Rendered


Everyday BioChem is asked to tackle issues that inhibit innovation.  Whether the solution requires a full NPD effort or just the expertise and creativity of an Application Engineer, BioChem welcomes those opportunities to enable medical and scientific advancement.  Don’t accept the problems you face today.  Collaborate with BioChem Fluidics where today’s problems become tomorrow’s solutions.

The Pump That Won’t Quit

Posted: September 6, 2016

BioChem Fluidics has touted the superior life delivered by its Maestro Piston Pump several times, but the cycle life achieved thus far is staggering and bordering on absurd.  Look at the latest results listed in the following table:

Pump Head Piston Flushed Seal Fluids Millions of Cycles
Acrylic Ceramic N Water 18
PEEK PEEK N Water 16
Acrylic Ceramic Y Water 16
Acrylic Ceramic Y 10% NaOH 13
PEEK PEEK N Acids, Bases and Alcohol 10


These results have engineers within BioChem and their customers wondering what can stop the Maestro?  How long will it last?  One thing is for certain, the Maestro Piston Pump is the new standard for long life in the industry.

So, if you need a pump that is truly worry-free for the life of your instrument, look to the Maestro from BioChem.

BioChem NPD VotC Tour 2016

Posted: September 2, 2016

As any innovator must, BioChem continues to look for ways to solve long standing design issues within its core markets of Analytical Chemistry and Clinical Diagnostics.  The team has listened to its OEM partners and observed issues across the industry to identify problems which need a solution.  From these observations, its R&D team has produced a number of concepts that it intends to pursue as new products.

First, however, they intend to introduce these new concepts directly with those within the market that are likely to benefit from these new products.  A Voice-of-the-Customer Tour will begin in September and run thru November where personnel from sales, marketing and engineering will travel from customer to customer engaging in open dialog about these new concepts to confirm that the designs, specifications, priorities, timing, and solutions have been properly understood and planned.

For the customer, this is an opportunity to speak directly with component designers about the issues faced that the supply chain does not currently solve and to influence component designs to ensure proper application into real instruments.  For BioChem, this is an opportunity to make sure that the design trends of tomorrow are addressed and that the products to be released to the market are truly necessary to key customers.

If you have not been contacted by BioChem to schedule your stop on the tour and your team wants to be included, please simply send an email to and someone will engage you with immediately to schedule a date.

Maestro Pumps Deliver High Accuracy Mixing for Global Healthcare Company

Posted: June 7, 2016

Using the new Maestro piston pump, BioChem Fluidics was able to perform a complete subsystem redesign of a fluid mixing system for a global healthcare and research company.

While the original system was satisfactory, it was impacted by a number of component limitations and design aspects that limited its scope of performance and increased maintenance requirements. The company realized it could perform better and contacted BioChem Fluidics.

BioChem engineers designed the new mixing system with two Maestro piston pumps that can be independently controlled to keep a reagent-to-water mixture within a tight spec range. The pumps provide continuous mixing of multiple fluids with accuracy variability less than 1 percent. The Maestro pumps also allow for consistent performance at multiple flow rates.

BioChem ensures a long lifetime with very little maintenance, as Maestro pumps have been proven to operate at 100 percent duty cycle for more than 10 million cycles with no recalibration necessary.

The revolutionary Maestro pump, along with support from the BioChem Fluidics team, produced a new mixing system that was more accurate, efficient, flexible and reliable with a lower cost of operation than the original system.

Customers Quickly Adopting Maestro

Posted: April 3, 2016

BioChem’s Maestro Piston Pump is making an excellent first impression.  The early returns have been extremely positive.  In head-to-head competition with more established pumps, customers are finding that the claims made by BioChem in its white paper are proving to be accurate.

Specifically, customers are finding that the Maestro has superior seal integrity, unmatched precision, and is quieter than similar pumps.  The speed of adoption by the market is exceeding BioChem’s own expectations, but is not surprising given the true value brought by this exciting new product.

Click here to visit our Maestro Piston Pump page to request more information.

Pittcon Recognizes John Albrecht’s 35th Straight Show

Posted: April 1, 2016

After almost 40 years in the industry, John Albrecht, Technical Sales Specialist, announced that we would retire on April 1, 2016.  John has been a strong advocate for customers and has provided truly expert support to clients and colleagues alike.

When Pittcon learned that his 35th consecutive show would be his last, they sent the show director and mascot by our booth to wish him well and thank him for his consistent participation.

John will remain involved with BioChem in a consultative role for a period of time, continuing to serve as an expert on technical application of solenoid driven products.

BioChem’s Team is Growing

Posted: February 1, 2016

As our market grows and our customer base expands, the need to provide world-class support never waivers.  BioChem is recruiting people that are intelligent, driven and uniquely talented to help us constantly exceed the expectations of the market and strengthen relationships with our customers.  We currently have open positions in sales and engineering.  Click here to visit our Careers page for more details.

Piston Pump White Paper

Posted: February 1, 2016

In response to intense demand from Engineers that are curious about the performance claims made by BioChem regarding its Maestro Piston Pump, a white paper is now available upon request. In it, validation data is supplied which substantiates that the Maestro Piston Pump has been tested to exacting standards and delivers on the claim that it is the longest lasting pump available today.  To receive a copy, simply use the contact link found here.

Spotlight on Pumps

Posted: January 29, 2016

BioChem supplies a wide array of pump products specifically intended for precision fluidics in applications requiring inert materials. The two most popular pump varieties are Piston and Peristaltic Pumps.

The BioChem Maestro Piston Pump is the only such pump in the world to be rated for 10 million cycles of operation. It achieves accuracy of better than 99.5%, dispensing as little as 250nL of liquid, and is available in 108,000 different configurations.  The Maestro Piston Pump by BioChem is the new standard in precision fluid handling.

BioChem also offers a variety of Peristaltic Pumps to OEMs in medical, research and industrial applications. The Peristaltic Pump product line continues to adapt to changing needs of customers and is an ideal accompaniment to BioChem’s full line of solenoid valves.

The World’s First 10,000,000 Cycle Piston Pump

Posted: December 11, 2015

Maestro, Bio-Chem’s Piston Pump, was officially launched today, and the market is on notice that a new standard in dispense pump capability has arrived.  Visit the Maestro Piston Pump page to see how this exciting new pump compares to popular competitive products.

In response to a Voice-of-the-Customer campaign, Bio-Chem decided that the market needed a more reliable, longer lasting, piston pump at a competitive cost.  The New Jersey-based NPD team, led by Bill Easterbrook, VP of Engineering, established a product specification, based on industry and product experience.  Mr. Easterbrook, formerly of BD, and Henry Huang, the Lead Engineer for Pumps, formerly of ITC, each brought significant experience and familiarity to the design process.  The leading pumps of today were collected and tested, resulting in valuable observations of the potential failure points and design challenges for customers using these products.

It was clear to Bio-Chem that a better product can be built.  A number of improvements in mechanical design, materials, and manufacturing process have been incorporated into the Maestro.  The results of the validation testing performed on hundreds of pumps, which are available upon request, indicate that Bio-Chem in fact has developed a pump that will perform with at least 99.5% accuracy and precision of better than 0.2% CV for 10 million pump cycles, which is exactly twice the life of another piston pump offered today.

For a limited time, Bio-Chem is offering to supply a free sample pump to instrument OEMs that would like to evaluate Maestro for themselves.  A contact form on the Maestro Piston Pump page linked above can be used to easily request inclusion in this special offer.  Now, OEMs can experience the Maestro difference at no risk.

Maestro is truly a better pump.  Bio-Chem listened to the market and designed a unique product that will change what OEMs expect from dispense pumps.

NPD is a Team Effort

Posted: December 11, 2015

At Bio-Chem, the process of launching new products is critical to the corporate strategy.  As such, each new product plays an important role in the future of the company.  The development process is highly visible to all parts of the organization.

In fact, management goes out of its way to include everyone in the process.  With the launch of the Piston Pump, a new opportunity arose to engage numerous people within the organization that would not normally participate directly in NDP.  The pump needed a name.

To generate as many ideas as possible for the pump name, a competition was devised.  Several four-person teams were organized.  Each team had a member from sales, engineering, administration, and operations.  The teams were encouraged to meet, brainstorm, and ultimately present to the entire company their chosen name(s) and supporting arguments for its use.

The Board of Directors then met to debate the names presented, to determine if any of the names were acceptable.  As this was a new process for choosing a product name, there was no guarantee it would generate a keeper.  Fortunately, a name that invokes control, consistency, dependability and excellence was presented.  Maestro is the ideal name for this excellent product.  The process was a rousing success.

When it was time to launch the Maestro Piston Pump, Bio-Chem Management wanted, once again, to include as many members of the team in the feeling of success.  A launch party was organized on the day of the launch, December 11, 2015, as the culmination of a year-long effort.  There was a true sense of inclusion and anticipation of future success amongst all employees in attendance.

In the next few months, more products will be launched and Bio-Chem will, undoubtedly, continue to make its NPD a team effort.

Support Knows No Boundaries

Posted: December 3, 2015

Providing “high-performance” customer support is what sets Bio-Chem apart.  The team is constantly seeking ways to exceed the expectations of its customers.  Being a global company serving a global market, means that the ability to deliver such support must not be restricted by borders.

This global support capability was on display recently when Bio-Chem’s teams in the US and China cooperated to support the development of a Water Quality instrument.  The instrument was designed in Shanghai and intended for the Chinese market by a company with key decision makers based in the US.

The biggest technical hurdle in the project was related to the selection of pinch valve tubing that met all of the varied needs of the instrument.  This application presented a unique set of parameters that required significant testing and customization.  Since Bio-Chem had a deployed team of highly-trained engineers in Shanghai supported by the full power of the design team and lab in the US, they were able to address this challenging project globally.

With product experimentation and testing in the US and project management and application engineering in China, the customer was able to accelerate its validation testing, overcome its design challenges and release the instrument on-time.  Bio-Chem was grateful for the opportunity to participate in this project and proud of the successful result.  The customer was appreciative of the professional support provided by a team that was uniquely positioned to exceed their expectations.

Bio-Chem Completes Renovations of its Boonton, NJ Headquarters

Posted: November 15, 2015

On October 22nd, Bio-Chem held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of a major year-long renovation to its offices located in Boonton, New Jersey. This project modernized the facilities, including the addition of a new lobby, cafeteria, and conference room, as well as construction of offices for the Halma Medical Sector CEO and CFO, which reside within the Bio-Chem offices.

To further enhance the company’s vertical integration, they added a state-of-the-art test lab and leading edge machining centers.  The capability of machining inert plastics, including PTFE, is integral to Bio-Chem’s success in supplying customized components built to exacting standards.

Overall, the project was a success and was an investment in its employees that was well received.

Replace Pinch Tubing   After Millions of Cycles

Posted: November 18, 2015

In an effort to meet the ever-growing needs of its customers to reduce instrument maintenance and control cost, Bio-Chem has invested in testing to validate the use of its traditional pinch valves with more advanced tubing products that may virtually eliminate annual tube replacement.  Traditional silicone-based tubing has a rated life of up to 500,000 pinch cycles, resulting in frequent replacement of tubing in the pinch valves.  This costs the instrument owner time and money.

Pharmed® BPT tubing is gaining in popularity within the diagnostics market due to its durability and chemical compatibility.  This tubing is already the standard for use in peristaltic pumps.

While the durometer of this tubing can create challenges when used in pinch valves, Bio-Chem has successfully validated its standard 2-way valves to pinch Pharmed® BPT tubing, thus introducing the option for its customers’ customers to replace tubing after up to an amazing 4 million pinch cycles.

For any application that could benefit from 800% increased tubing life, Bio-Chem now has the expertise and products needed to meet the challenge.  Contact us to learn more about this game-changing development.

New Website for a New Bio-Chem

Posted: November 1, 2015

A lot has changed in Bio-Chem in the past year.  A larger team, new products, new offices, and a renewed commitment to the customer.  The year was tabbed as the “Year of the Customer” to emphasize this commitment.  Providing high performance customer support is central to Bio-Chem’s vision and strategy.

To more effectively brand the company as so much more than a valve and pump supplier, got a facelift.  The website now explains that Bio-Chem is a problem solving team that is focused on setting a standard of excellence for customer-first thinking.  The Our Approach, Our Capability and Our Promise pages within the About section explain well what drives this company.