Maestro Piston Pump Family

The Maestro Piston Pump establishes Bio-Chem as industry leaders in precision dispense pumps.  There is simply not a more precise, longer-lasting piston pump available today than Maestro.

The NEW Maestro ULTRA finally eliminates the risks of dispensing concentrated salt solutions!

Maestro   Maestro ULTRA


Isolation Valves

Employing as wide a menu of inert wetted materials as anyone on the market, the Bio-Chem Isolation Valve offering is second-to-none.  For applications with aggressive fluids with high flow rates, employ a Bio-Chem Isolation Valve.



Bio-Chem has world-class plastics machining capability.  Rather than reserving it for building world-class valves, we are using it to solve broader system design issues.  From simple to complex, Bio-Chem can imagine, design and machine superior manifold blocks.


Electric Rotary Valves

The ERV has been specifically designed for applications requiring an inert fluid path.  We acknowledge that it is not right for every application, but where it is applicable, there is not a comparable product on the market at this time.


Flow Selection Valves

Basically, the Bio-Chem Flow Selection Valve is built of multiple Bio-Chem Isolation Valves fastened to a central manifold block.  As with everything we do, these valves are customizable in terms of flow paths and materials to fit the customer application.


Pinch Valves

If you are familiar with Bio-Chem, this product does not need an introduction. Still the most versatile product in valve technology on the market today, our Pinch Valve continues to solve problems for the Fluidic Engineer.


Solenoid Operated Micro Pump

By adding a check valve in the inlet and outlet ports of a Bio-Chem Isolation Valve, a basic pump is born.  One of our most popular products, these pumps properly fit applications that don’t require precision, just repeatable dispense.