BioChem Fluidics offers a range of valves and pumps that are designed to be manifold mounted. To compliment these devices we also offer a full manifold design service whereby custom-built manifolds can be manufactured to meet your specific flow needs.

Manifolds can range from simple blocks for two devices to complex shapes with intricate flow paths for many devices.

Features of BioChem Fluidics manifolds:

  • Reduction of internal equipment space requirements
  • Allows for the combining of valves, tubing, pumps and connectors into a single, pre-assembled component
  • Elimination of unsightly and unmanageable wiring and tubing
  • Helps to reduce inventory
  • Reduces production time and costs associated with testing, handling and assembling multiple components
  • A range of materials of construction to suit fluid characteristics including, but not limited to; PTFE, POM, PEEK, acrylic and PPS.

What’s your requirement? Please call us at 973-263-3001 to discuss your specific manifold requirements or contact us to describe your application.