Flow Selection Valves

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Flow Selection Valves combine multiple valve actuators into a single, compact unit. Because each actuator operates independently, Flow Selection Valves can combine or select any combination of between 2 and 8 individual source streams. Valves are situated around a central block, providing flow paths of equal length. These valves are similar in construction to our Solenoid Operated Isolation Valves. Because the fluid path can be made from extremely inert materials (such as PTFE and PEEK), these valves are particularly suitable for use in highly aggressive and / or high purity fluid applications.

Standard Product Configurations

The following table shows the available technical aspects of our standard flow selection valves. The final digit of each Model Number indicates the number of ports, not including the common port.

Customization available upon request.

Model 040T3 040T4 080T2 080T3 080T4 080T5 080T6 080T8 105T2 105T3 105T4 105T6
Voltage 12
Body Material PTFE
Diaphragm Material PTFE
Orifice Size (in.)   Internal Volume (µl) 0.032 91 120 35 69 90 120 143 216
0.062 57 231 257 249 417 653
0.125 612 1164 1533 2615
Max Pressure (psi) 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 10 10 10 10

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A flexible diaphragm isolates the solenoid actuation mechanism from the fluid path. When a valve is energized, the solenoid retracts the armature that is attached to the flexible diaphragm. This raises the diaphragm allowing fluid to flow between the common port and an outlet. When de-energized a spring forces the diaphragm down, closing off the flow path.

Bio-Chem Valve™ Flow Selection Valves are typically used in one of two main applications: Flow Mixing (flow from multiple inlets to one common outlet), and Flow Selection (flow from common inlet split into multiple outlets).