Bio-Chem Foresight

Smart. Connected. Fluidics.

Bio-Chem Fluidics is Transforming how Life Science Instruments are Maintained.

Utilizing sensors and software, we can now predict when component service will be required. By studying the aspects of the specific function each component performs within an application, we are able to predict remaining life of any component within an instrument, even if it is not manufactured by Bio-Chem Fluidics.

Bio-Chem Foresight is completely customizable to your application and needs.

Benefits of Smarter Components

  • Test Accuracy – Active feedback of function from each component in the system allows for more sophisticated and efficient fluid management to ensure higher test accuracy.
  • Improved Serviceability – Knowing which components to service on which instrument is game changing.  Predicting future failure or simply reporting which component has failed will drastically improve the scheduling and efficiency of a service team.
  • Avoid Catastrophe – When fluid handling components fail, leaks can and do occur.  Leaks can damage neighboring components or even create a slip hazard for the instrument user.  Knowing that a pump has an internal leak before it becomes a catastrophe reduces risk.
  • Simpler Designs – By embedding sensors in each component, system-level sensors can be removed.  Not only is the accuracy of detection improved, but cost and supplier issues may also be mitigated.

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