Bio-Chem Foresight

Predictive Maintenance Has Arrived

Smart. Connected. Fluidics.

Bio-Chem Fluidics is transforming how Life Science instruments are maintained.

Utilizing sensors and software, we can now predict when component service will be required. By studying the aspects of the specific function each component performs within an application, we are able to predict remaining life of any component within an instrument, even if it is not manufactured by Bio-Chem Fluidics.

Bio-Chem Foresight is completely customizable to your application and needs.


For those customers that have an existing predictive system at the instrument-level but need to communicate with individual components, we have create the Sight service. This will provide a digital signal of the data being reported from each sensor. All algorithms related to failure prediction can be written by the customer for their own purposes.


Utilizing our expertise in the use and performance of solenoid and motor-driven components, we have developed a “failure detection” service called Insight. The data from each sensor is processed by an algorithm to determine that the performance of the part is no longer within an acceptable range. It will report to the instrument that a component needs to be replaced in order to avoid instrument failure.


The full capability of “failure prediction” is manifested in our Foresight service. With powerful algorithms developed thru extensive testing, we can calculate the amount of remaining life of each component. If the instrument can broadcast data into the cloud, Service and Fleet Managers are now able to receive alerts of problems with any component in any instrument anywhere. This is powerful, unmatched visibility of issues that would otherwise cause instrument failure, unplanned service and an unhappy customer.

More Cool Stuff

In addition to the products mentioned above, we also have a number of additional, related services to offer our customers.

Augmented Reality

AR is a great way to empower Service personnel to solve pending problems with critical components during routine maintenance.

User Interface

A custom User Interface brings the status of any component on any instrument in the fleet right to the Service Manager’s desktop enabling data-driven, timely service scheduling.

If you want to reduce the crippling cost of unplanned maintenance of your instruments, contact us with the form below and gain some Foresight.