Bio-Chem Foresight

Predictive Maintenance Has Arrived

Bio-Chem Fluidics is Removing Mystery from Maintenance with the introduction of our Foresight service and Foresight-enabled components.

Utilizing sensors embedded in our industry-leading fluidics components, we can now predict when component service will be required. By studying the aspects of the specific function each component performs within an application, we are able to predict remaining life of any component within an instrument, even if it is not manufactured by Bio-Chem Fluidics.

We only monitor aspects such as flow, temperature, voltage, current, and pressure – patient information and test results are never shared with our system.

Bio-Chem Foresight is completely customizable to your application. Our specialist team of engineers will collaborate with your team to ensure the right components are chosen. A component characterization study will then be conducted by our teams to determine which aspects will indicate the risk of component failure. The level of service Bio-Chem Fluidics provides is flexible.

Now the ability to avoid unplanned maintenance is within your reach thanks to Bio-Chem Foresight.  To request a presentation of this exciting innovation, use the contact form below.