Maestro Piston Pump

Now Compatible with Bio-Chem Foresight!

Eliminate unplanned maintenance in your instrument with Bio-Chem Foresight, our predictive maintenance solution!

Bio-Chem has Conquered Salty Solutions!

Concentrated salt solutions have always plagued dispense pumps.  Not anymore, thanks to the Patented Maestro ULTRA!

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Designed to Perform

The Maestro Piston Pump is better than the competition.  It has superior accuracy, precision and life.  It was designed to eliminate issues that instrument OEMs have learned to accept for far too long.

All critical components in the Maestro are machined, rather than molded.  The obvious advantages in tolerance control thru precision machining allow the Maestro to deliver consistent, reliable, superior performance in the most demanding applications for more cycles than any application requires.

BioChem applied its complete fluidic expertise to create a piston pump that is intended to survive the harsh, abusive reagents commonly required in modern instruments.  Maestro is designed to perform.

Basic Specifications

Dispense Volumes: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500 & 5000 ul

Accuracy: ~ 99.5%

Precision: < 0.2% CV

Full Stroke: 12.7mm

Max Pressure: 500psi

Configurable Options:

  • Integrated 3-Way Valve
  • Flushed Seal Port
  • Manifold Integration
  • Optical Rotary Encoder

Maestro Part Numbering

Raising the Bar

Maestro Piston Pumps have been tested under demanding real-world conditions to exacting specifications.  Bio-Chem demands high performance from itself and its products.  The Maestro line embodies excellence and sets the new standard for dispense pumps.

The Maestro is the most feature rich, accurate, longest lasting piston dispense pump in existence.  Driven by a 24VDC Nema 17 stepper motor, it is ideal for IVD, and similar low  pressure applications.  These pumps have been designed and validated to deliver double the life of any dispense pump available on the market today.

World-Class Performance

Bio-Chem has long been known as experts of specialty valves built from inert plastics. Now, with the release of the Maestro Piston Pump, Bio-Chem establishes itself as industry leaders in precision pumps.

As a company that is world renown for high performance in service, support, and product quality, when Bio-Chem designed a pump that was world-class in its design, function, capability and life, it deserved a name that conjured images of leadership, finely-tuned performance and utmost quality.  The Bio-Chem Piston Pump is a true Maestro of fluidic systems!

Contact our experienced team today to discuss how the Maestro Piston Pump can improve your fluidic system.