Maestro ULTRA Piston Pump

Maestro ULTRA is Foresight-Enabled!

Our piston pumps are now compatible with Bio-Chem Foresight, our predictive maintenance solution. Learn more about how we can help you eliminate unscheduled maintenance on our Foresight page!

The Piston Pump to Conquer Salt


The Maestro Piston Pump line is widely regarded as the most feature-rich, capable, accurate, and durable family of piston dispense pumps in existence for IVD or similar low-pressure applications.  The Maestro ULTRA is engineered to withstand the impact of aggressive salt solutions, performing where the competition fails.

This Patent-Pending technology is a revolution in the life expectancy of piston dispense pumps moving high concentration salt solutions, like bleach, buffer and saline.  Read our white paper Removing the Risk of Concentrated Salt Solutions to Precision Dispense Pumps for more information on this exciting new technology.

Risks of Salt   Flushing is Dangerous   Why ULTRA Works

Zero Maintenance and Worry Free Performance for the Life of the Instrument

A Revolutionary Advancement in Fluidics

BioChem’s Maestro ULTRA has a pump life expectancy that exceeds all other pumps on the market, increasing instrument safety and reliability while solving a critical unmet need.  It also introduces fewer potential instrument failure points and minimizes system complexities, ensuring a shorter time to market.

What does this mean for you?

The Maestro ULTRA reduces instrument operating costs:

  • Removes the risk of sample contamination
  • Eliminates costly pump repairs
  • Improves uptime and throughput
  • Lowers the cost of instrument ownership
  • Boosts instrument profitability
  • Reduces reagent waste

Here is a typical example of what a company can expect to pay over the 3-5 year lifecycle of an IVD instrument using traditional pumps exposed to concentrated salt solutions:

  • Routine Pump Replacement Cost: >$3,000
  • Unplanned Pump Replacement Cost: >$2,000
  • Total 5-Year Maintenance Cost per Pump Position: >$5,000

These significant costs could be avoided with the Maestro ULTRA.

The Maestro ULTRA is destined to revolutionize the diagnostic instrument industry.

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  • Dispense Volumes (µl): 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000
  • Accuracy: Programmable to 100%
  • Precision:                         <0.2% CV
  • Full Stroke:                      12.7mm

Configurable Options

  • Integrated 3-way Valve
  • Manifold Integration
  • Head Materials: PMMA, PEEK or    Ultem

Maestro ULTRA Part Numbering