Why ULTRA Works

The ‘Non-Stick’ Solution

No Salt Adhesion. No Seal Abrasion. No Leaks. No Failure. No Maintenance.

BioChem’s patent pending piston technology combines materials and technologies to create a ground breaking piston pump that is immune from the seal degradation associated with salt solution residue.

Super Hydrophobicity

The Maestro ULTRA is specifically engineered to repel water, decreasing wettability so that less liquid seeps past the seal riding on the piston, thereby minimizing crystallized salt deposits.

Very Low Surface Energy

The Maestro ULTRA piston has very low surface energy, preventing materials from adhering to it. Any salt crystals that are left behind by evaporating liquid simply flake off of the piston, leaving the piston surface as clean as the day it was built… eliminating seal abrasion, leaks and failure.

The following picture shows the Maestro ULTRA piston after 3 million cycles pumping 10% NaOH.