Opus Rocker Valves

Optimal Flow from a Compact Package

Maximum Flow Rate. Compact Footprint. Minimal Internal Fluid Volume.

Opus_RVs_image1As rocker valves quickly become the standard for many OEM instrumentation manufacturers requiring dependable fluid handling in a small space, Bio-Chem’s Opus rocker valve provides a higher-flowing, more stable, and longer-lasting valve solution that sets a new standard in modern fluidics.

No rocker valve achieves as high a fluid flow rate (0.04Cv) with such a small footprint (10mm) or internal fluid volume (35µl) as the Opus rocker valve.

In fact, Opus provides the best ratio of width-to-Cv of any rocker valve available. Boasting a flow rate equal to that of larger 16mm valve competitors, Opus ensures greater processing efficiency at a fraction of the size. The Opus compact 10mm footprint yields a significant additional benefit: reduced internal fluid volume and dead fluid ‘carryover’ volume. Opus makes great strides toward the ultimate goal of ‘zero dead volume,’ helping to substantially reduce both consumption of expensive reagents and additional costs of lost productivity associated with maintenance and cleanings — improving overall efficiency and profitability.

A Rocker Valve You Can Really Count On

Long-Term Durability. Worry-Free Performance. 15 Million Cycles Strong.

Reliability is critical. The Opus rocker valve, like all Bio-Chem valves, is tested under typical real life criteria, not idealized lab situations. With a mean time to failure of 15 million cycles, Opus displays exceptional durability, making it perhaps the most dependable rocker valve on the market today.

Custom Fluidics Solutions

A Rocker Valve with Maximum Flexibility and Endless Possibilities.

DSC_7086The Opus rocker valve opens up new opportunities for OEM manufacturers, who now have the ability to develop more compact, highly efficient and durable diagnostic systems with reduced dead fluid volume and lower maintenance costs.

Opus provides OEM manufacturers with additional flexibility in material construction and mounting options. Its wetted components are made entirely from chemically-inert materials, making Opus particularly suitable for use in highly aggressive or high purity fluid applications.

Opus is also designed to be manifold mounted, providing endless configuration options Opus_RVs_image2when complemented by Bio-Chem’s comprehensive manifold design services. Bio-Chem can develop custom-built manifolds to meet specific flow needs — from simple blocks to complex shapes with intricate flow paths.  Opus can be mounted onto the Maestro or Maestro ULTRA Piston Pump, combining Bio-Chem’s ultimate piston pump and rocker valve technologies for a more integrated, efficient fluidic system.

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