Pinch Valves

Predict Tubing Failure with Bio-Chem Foresight!

Bio-Chem Foresight, our predictive maintenance solution, can predict the failure of tubing in pinch valves! Learn more about this innovative technology on the Foresight page.

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Optional Components

CoolCube™ Control Module

Mounting Hardware

Quiet Mode

Feedback Sensor

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Bio-Chem Pinch Valves allow flow passage through a flexible tube which is “pinched” off to produce a tight seal. Only the easily replaceable tubing comes into contact with the fluid, making this style of valve ideal for applications requiring frequent changes of the flow path. Pinch Valves have zero dead volume and are highly tolerant of particulates in the fluid stream.

Technical Features

  • 12 volt or 24 volt DC solenoid
  • Valve configurations
    • 2 way normally closed, 2 way normally open, and 3 way
    • Dual and Multi-tube variations
  • Contoured body for easier tube insertion, plus a smooth profile and enhanced aesthetics
  • Qualified tubing materials
    • Silicone Select™, Bio-Chem (C-Flex®), Pharmed® BPT
  • Options include quiet version and feedback sensors

Standard Product Configuration

The following table shows the available technical aspects of our standard pinch valves.
Customization available upon request.

Model 075P 100P 100PD
Solenoid Diameter in 0.75 1.00 1.00
Configuration Normally Open
Normally Closed
Dual 2-Way
Dual 3-Way
Voltage 12
Coil Wattage 2.9
Tubing Size (01#) 1/32″ ID x 3/32″ OD
(02#) 1/16″ ID x 1/8″ OD
(03#) 1/16″ ID x 3/16″ OD
(05#) 1/8″ ID x 1/4″ OD
(10#) 0.010″ ID x 0.093″ OD
(23#) 0.023″ ID x 0.093″ OD
(50#) 0.050″ ID x 0.134″ OD

Visit our Download Center to obtain product literature, drawings, and models. Contact us for help in choosing the Pinch Valve that is ideal for your application.


Bio-Chem Valve™ Pinch Valves are solenoid-operated devices and are available in three different configurations; normally closed, normally open and 3-way.

These valves are designed to open and close tubing to achieve controlled fluid flow. Only the inside of the tubing contacts the fluid. The tubing is held in place in the Pinch Valve by the plunger and precisely sized grooves in the valve body.

Energizing the solenoid retracts the valve plunger. This either opens the tubing (in the normally closed configuration, as shown left) or closes the tubing (normally open configuration). De-energizing the solenoid allows a spring to push the plunger back to its original position. This returns the tubing to its original closed or open position.

A 3-way Pinch Valve has both a normally open and a normally closed flow path, which are operated simultaneously.