Solenoid Operated Micro Pumps

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Bio-Chem Solenoid Operated Micro-Pump is a device designed to provide a precise, repeatable and discrete dispensed volume of fluid. The pumps use a flexible diaphragm to isolate the solenoid actuation mechanism from the fluid path. Since all wetted components in the fluid path are made entirely from chemically-inert materials, these pumps are particularly suitable for use in highly aggressive and / or high purity fluid applications, such as in analytical chemistry and clinical diagnostics.

Technical Features

  • 12 volt or 24 volt DC solenoid
  • Pump construction
    • Threaded ports or manifold-mounted
  • Inert materials
    • Body materials:  PTFE, PEEK, PPS & POM
    • Diaphragm materials:  PTFE & EPDM
    • Check valve materials: EPDM & FKM

Standard Product Configurations

The following table shows the available technical aspects of our standard micro-pumps.

Customization available upon request.

Model 120SP 130SP 139SP
Solenoid Diameter in 1.0 1.0 1.0
Voltage 12
Body Material PTFE
Diaphragm Material PTFE
Check Valve Material EPDM
Dispense Volume (uL) / Max Flow Rate (mL/min) 20 / 2.4
30 / 3.6
40 / 4.8
50 / 6.0
60 / 7.2

Visit our Download Center to obtain product literature, drawings, and models. Contact us for help in choosing the Micro-Pump that is ideal for your application.


The flow path in the Solenoid Operated Micro-Pump is isolated from the operating mechanism by a flexible diaphragm. When the solenoid is energized, the diaphragm is retracted, creating a partial vacuum within the pump body. This pulls liquid through the inlet check valve (A) and simultaneously closes the outlet check valve (B). When the solenoid is de-energized a spring pushes the diaphragm down, expelling a discrete volume of liquid through check valve B while simultaneously closing check valve A.

Bio-Chem Valve™ Solenoid Operated Micro-Pumps are self-priming devices.  At start-up, pumps are able to draw air. The suction created by the pumps is sufficient to pull liquids from an unpressurized container located up to 1.3m beneath the pump.

Solenoid Operated Micro-Pumps require a complete on-off cycle for each discrete dispense. Repeatedly cycling the solenoid, creates a pulsed flow.